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Hydrangea Plant

Hydrangea Plant

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A striking and bold flowering plant, the hydrangea is an English Garden stable. With their large blooms, range of colours and easy to care for nature, it's no wonder this plant is a summer favourite across the country. This variety is planted in a unique ceramic pot, a bold and striking design to match the flower itself. They come in a range of colours, blues to purples and from pinks to reds. All colours are available, please contact our team (0208 772 0094) for any special requests, but please note that specific colours or varieties can take up to 3 days to supply.

Please note plant deliveries may take 1 - 3 working days, however we aim to deliver on the date you request on the checkout.

Hydrangeas love well moist and well draining soil, essentially they love water but do no like sitting in it. Hydrangea plants are very easy to see when they need watering, their usually firm and upright petals on the large flowering heads will go soft and limp when in need of water. A good watering session and a few hours will perk them right back to their former glory. They like dappled shade also, placed in a space that isn’t too sunny or too shady, bright indirect light is great. We suggest keeping younger plants indoors as immature plants can die easily when it comes to their first frost. Keeping your plant in its container for the first year before replanting in a bigger pot or in the ground outdoors is advised.


16-18cm Diameter, 25-40cm Height

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