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Summer Fresh

Summer Fresh

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Delivery is available Monday to Sunday throughout the UK with same day service in London, next day for rest of the UK.

Regular - 5 pink roses, 5 pink peonies, 5 lilac spray roses, 5 peach stocks, 5 yellow solidago, 5 pink astilbe, 1 bunch of seasonal greenery

Large - 8 pink roses, 8 pink peonies, 8 lilac spray roses, 8 peach stocks, 8 yellow solidago, 8 pink astilbe, 1.5 bunches of seasonal

Deluxe - 11 pink roses, 11 pink peonies, 11 lilac spray roses, 11 peach stocks, 11 yellow solidago, 11 pink astilbe, 2 bunches of seasonal greenery

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