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Sunrise & Veuve

Sunrise & Veuve

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Bright summer tones are on their way, hopefully, to match the summer to come! The Golden Vuvuzela is one of our favourite roses so it's no wonder it's featured again in another bouquet of ours. Its open face ensures its in full bloom and its prime throughout its lifespan. Its peachy soft petals combine perfectly with the bright yellow solidago and delicately scented cream stock to provide a truly golden bouquet!

Delivery is available Monday to Sunday throughout the UK with same day service in London, next day for rest of the UK.

Regular - 8 yellow vuvuzela, 8 peach stocks, 4 poppies, 4 camomile, 4 solidago, 1 bunch of seasonal greenery

Large - 12 yellow vuvuzela, 12 peach stocks, 6 poppies, 6 camomile, 6 solidago, 1.5 bunches of seasonal greenery

Deluxe - 16 yellow vuvuzela, 16 peach stocks, 8 poppies, 8 camomile, 8 solidago, 2 bunches of seasonal greenery

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