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Golden Vuvuzela

Golden Vuvuzela

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Golden hues and pastel tones are the themes for this weekly special today! Delightfully scented stocks in pale peaches combine with the golden glow of these "Golden Vuvuzela" roses. The muted tones of these garden blooms are brightened up by the sweet camomile and yellow solidago which will slowly open up over the next few days completing this golden bouquet! All tied and finished with seasonal greenery.

Delivery is available Monday to Sunday throughout the UK with same day service in London, next day for rest of the UK.

Regular - 7 yellow vuvuzela, 7 peach stocks, 5 poppies, 5 camomile, 5 solidago, 1 bunch of seasonal greenery

Large - 12 yellow vuvuzela, 12 peach stocks, 6 poppies, 6 camomile, 6 solidago, 1.5 bunches of seasonal greenery

Deluxe - 16 yellow vuvuzela, 16 peach stocks, 8 poppies, 8 camomile, 8 solidago, 2 bunches of seasonal greenery

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