Funeral Flowers


Moyses Stevens delivers and caters for funeral flowers throughout the whole London area. We specialise in catering for bespoke tributes and have over 100 years of experience in this area. When designing funeral tributes, such as casket sprays, wreaths, posies and other special flower arrangements, we tend to keep in mind and always design according to the notes passed on to us by the family members and friends of the deceased. We understand that this is a time for grieving and a difficult period in the lives of those people affected by the loss of a loved one. Naturally, our florists very much know this and do their best to guide the ordering process in as gentle manner as possible, whilst always keeping the opinions and wishes of our customers at the top of their list, only ever advising on types of flowers and designs available and other alternative options according to what may be preferred. All our florists are fully qualified in all aspects of floristry, however with sympathy and tribute flowers we only tend to use our most senior florists and we never mix them, always using a single florist manager for a single event and a back up senior florist who will know all the ins and outs of every order for that event, just in case of an emergency. All our senior florists have been with Moyses Stevens for years, with many in double year digits and all of them have our complete and utter trust needless to say. We believe that once you have contacted them, you will see that through their experience, knowledge and capability you will be able to feel safer that your flowers will be designed to the exact specification and delivered just as you may need them.  

It is often the case that one or more family members will order on behalf of the whole family and the order itself will require multi drops and many different designs. For example, a flower arrangement may be required for the casket; different sets of wreaths and oasis arrangements may be sent by the family members overseas; the church flowers will require pedestals and altar arrangements; and sets of bouquets and flower baskets may be needed to send over to the family members mostly affected by the sad occasion. At Moyses Stevens we have ample capability and the know how to deal with situations such as this and we would very strongly recommend putting all orders through a single florist at all times. Reasons for this are many, but mostly the fact that we can speak to the funeral directors and any people in charge of the religious ceremony (if there is one) and collect all the relevant information, delivery and collection times as well as the fact that we will let you know if there are duplicate arrangements going out and always try to design each and every arrangement individually, just as it should be. Our experience in dealing with different funeral directors, churches and synagogues, for example, is second to none in our opinion and we are often strongly recommended by many of these with whom we have worked for years on end.