Moyses Stevens: Our duty to people and the planet

Since 1876 Moyses Stevens has been known for the artistry and quality of its floristry. The Moyses Stevens story is steeped in history - not only are we famed for introducing the hand-tied bouquet, our impressive designs have won us numerous royal warrants and put British floristry on the map.

Our mission is to deliver joy and excellence to our clients, while continuously evolving and improving our sustainability practices.

We are dedicated to ongoing efforts to enhance the way we run our business. Discover more about our initiatives at Moyses Stevens below.

People: Our passion lies in fostering a supportive environment for our people. Their diversity, talent, and unwavering support are the driving forces that have shaped our journey to this point. As we celebrate their unique contributions, we remain committed to cultivating an inclusive culture that empowers every individual to thrive.

Sourcing: We directly buy from ethical and sustainable growers around the world, without relying on auction houses. By doing so, we help farmers to improve their productivity on the farms, and protect the landscapes where they live and work. We truly believe that our suppliers share the same core values as us.

Packaging: The majority of our current packaging and stationery is entirely recyclable, and we are committed to ongoing efforts to minimise the use of single-use plastic.

Waste Management: We continue to challenge ourselves and work hard to reduce the impact on the planet. Our teams throughout the company are actively involved in recycling efforts. We ensure that all cardboard boxes are collected from all Moyses Stevens sites and follow the recycling process from our main warehouse onward.

Our shops are tasked to use mixed recycling bags and currently do so for 50% of their waste. We generate waste transfer notes annually and continuously monitor how we can further improve in this sector. Moreover, all additional decor used by our florists is either recycled or reused for future projects.

Within our shops, we've adopted zero-waste ceramic pots as the standard. Collaborating with one of our suppliers, we've initiated the distribution of a green glass pot range named "Eco Glass." These pots are crafted from discarded jars and bottles, forming a significant part of our stock. An additional benefit of Eco glass is its lower melting temperature, requiring far less energy for production.

At the moment, none of our waste goes to landfill, and we have introduced an initiative whereby we are composting over 80% of our soil and stem waste in our warehouses. Carbon Footprint: We consistently evaluate every aspect of our business to minimise our carbon footprint. 50% of our fleet comprises electric vehicles, and to promote their use, we have installed charging points at the warehouse.

Our goal is to substantially increase the use of renewable energy sources within our operations.