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This classic and stunning plant makes a statement for any occasion. It has bright and bold colours spread across its many long lasting blooms. These Orchids are specially from selected growers to ensure big blooms and exceptional quality. One of the more unique varieties of Orchids with plentiful smaller dainty blooms perched on branching stems. A burst of colour when they flower but with a delicate touch due to their smaller blooms.

This item is planted in a beautiful and unique ceramic bowl, a feature as important and just as elegant as the Orchids themselves. This gathering of Orchids adds a perfect eye-catching feature to any space.

Please note plant deliveries may take 1 - 3 working days, however we aim to deliver on the date you request on the checkout.

Orchids come from the tropics, so they love humidity, warmth and bright spots (but shaded from direct light). They do better than the Phalaenopsis Orchids when in bright light and more forgiving when in direct sunlight, but like all Orchids, they thrive in shaded bright indirect light. A great way to check how the plant is coping with light levels is to check their leaves, these should be bright green. Dark green means not enough light and reddish greens mean too much light.

Place in an area free of cold draughts and good light levels in the winter to encourage flowering and new growths. Occasionally wipe down its large leaves to remove dust which can block light from reaching its foliage. Keep indoors and in temperatures from 13℃ to 25℃.


14cm Diameter, 40-60cm Height

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