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Candy & Moet

Candy & Moet

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A bouquet perfect for a new romance that’s full of pretty pinks, creams and other sweet flowers that include pink spray and ‘sweet avalanche’ roses, dill, astilbe, astranthia, bouvardia, clematis and thalaspi. With so many textures and beautiful flowers within this hand tied, we are sure that the bouquet will require constant glances and stares from whoever comes in contact with it. It’s a sure winner that never fails to impress.

Delivery is available Monday to Sunday throughout the UK with same day service in London, next day for rest of the UK.

Regular - 5 hot pink spray roses, 5 pink roses, 5 dill, 5 red astilbe, 5 green astrantia, 5 purple clematis, 5 bouvardia, 5 stems leucothoe, 1 bunches eucalyptus

Large - 7 hot pink spray roses, 7 pink roses, 7 dill, 7 red astilbe, 7 green astrantia, 7 purple clematis, 7 bouvardia, 7 stems leucothoe, 1.5 bunches eucalyptus

Deluxe - 9 Hot pink spray roses, 9 pink roses, 9 dill, 9 red astilbe, 9 green astrantia, 9 purple clematis, 9 bouvardia, 9 stems leucothoe, 2 bunches eucalyptus

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