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Eternal Flame Plant

Eternal Flame Plant

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Commonly called the Eternal Flame Plant for its brightly coloured and flamed shaped orange flowers which rise as a splash of colour atop its darkly coloured leaves. While the blooms are a real star of the show for these the lush foliages are also not to be forgotten. Once the blooms have faded and deadheaded you’re left with a great houseplant full of lush and dark green foliages ready to flower again.

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Native to jungles in Brazil, this plant loves warm temperatures so perfect for indoors. They like bright indirect light and will thrive in high humidity. When placed in bright light it can suffer from burnt foliage and will begin to lose its colour, if you notice this, consider moving your plant into a shadier location. Water your Calathea on a regular schedule, once a week should be good or when the top two inches of soil feel dry, make sure you water enough for it to drain through the bottom. Rainwater or water sitting out overnight is best. To increase humidity, try using a mist or place a naturally humid room like the bathroom or kitchen.


16cm Diameter, 25-40cm Height.

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