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Rose Plant Arrangement

Rose Plant Arrangement

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A classic and beloved plant, recognised by everyone, the rose is synonymous with flowers across the globe. Suitable for any style of home or garden, our arrangement comes planted in a unique ceramic pot to suit any interior.

Please note plant deliveris may take 1 - 3 working days, however we aim to deliver on the date you request on the checkout.

Keep the soil of your plant fairly moist and if repotting do so in well draining soil. The use of fertilizer or compost helps promote plant growth and more blooms. After they have bloomed, make sure to deadhead them to prolong the flowering season. Each leaf will have a new growth bud and removing these will encourage the plant to make more flowers. This is best done during the growing season. During winter, keep indoors to avoid the cold temperatures killing them.


28cm Diameter, 30-50cm Height.

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