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Flamingo Anthurium

Flamingo Anthurium

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Anthuriums are a delightful tropical plant with heart-shaped blooms and dark glossy blooms. This stunning planted arrangement of pink Anthuriums. Matched with a stone effect pink ceramic bowl to create a long lasting and low maintenance display. Perfect for any spaces needing a splash of colour, and with easy to care for plants, this design is one our most popular arrangements for plant beginners and those looking to create inviting spaces.

Please note plant deliveris may take 1 - 3 working days, however we aim to deliver on the date you request on the checkout.

Anthurium plants can thrive in indirect light levels, as direct light can scorch their leaves. They do best in bright indirect light (so place your plant in brightly lit rooms away from widows). They can survive in low light levels but be aware that they will have fewer flowers and grow slower than usual. They prefer free draining soil but will want it to hold some water, ours is finished with a layer of moss which helps with water and moisture retention when you water them.

When it comes to watering, make sure to water them regularly but be careful to not over-water, so water little and often on a schedule, and only when the soil is dry to the touch.


28cm Diameter, 30-50cm Height

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