Flower Arrangements

Aspiring florists and people looking to elevate their floristry skills can now become immersed in the one-week flower school courses with Moyses Stevens. Learn essential floristry skills alongside innovative and creative techniques, taught by our expert tutor. Come and visit us at our Battersea Power Station branch and see how we can help you.

  • Vase Arrangement Workshop

    Description: Elevate your flower arranging skills and learn the trick of the trade with our Vase Workshop. Discover simple techniques to get the best out of your flowers and learn how to build beautiful vase designs using tried and tested methods.

  • Floral Crown

    Description: Join us at Moyses Stevens Flower School to share with you the techniques and skills required to create your own flower crown with our special workshop to coincide with the Kings Coronation.

  • Flowers for the Home

    Description: Whether you enjoy entertaining at home or filling your abode with an abundance of flowers, we will demonstrate how to make the most of your flowers and create low-cost, impactful designs...

  • Essential Floristry

    Description: Be prepared to be completely immersed in a world of flowers and to learn multiple different aspects of professional floristry with this one week course.Learn the essentials of floristry at Moyses Stevens