Bouquet Workshops

Join the Moyses Stevens flower school at our two-day classes and experience a world of excellent floral artistry. Surround yourself with all the tools, techniques and skills required to thrive as a florist. Learn from our experts and excel in this amazing craft.

  • Classic Style Hand-tied Bouquet

    Description: Timeless, luxurious and packed with the best seasonal flowers, our Classic Bouquet Workshop focuses on the Moyses Stevens signature style. The class will include a step-by-step demonstration with lots of tutor support.

  • Garden Style Hand-Tied Bouquet

    Description: Relaxed, informal and brimming with garden favourites, our Garden Style Bouquet class is wild and wonderful, perfect for those that prefer a more natural approach to arranging flowers.

  • A Taste Of Autumn

    Description: Indulge in the one of our favourite seasons and delight in a gorgeous selection of autumnal gems with this bouquet making class. Expect a tasteful selection of autumn flowers, a mix of foliage, and a gorgeous creation to take home.

  • A Taste of Spring

    Description: Indulge in the one of our favourite seasons and delight in gorgeous selection of spring gems with this bouquet making class. You will learn the basics of flower care, conditioning and valuable tips on how to maximise the life of your flowers.

  • Classic Christmas Wreath

    Description: Our Classic Christmas Wreath class is the perfect opportunity to get in the festive mood, indulge your creativity and learn the time-honoured sustainable methods of Christmas wreath making.