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Flower Delivery in Strand

Flower delivery to Strand in the City of Westminster in central London can be done seven days a week with Moyses Stevens’ online flower service. You can alternatively visit one of our London florist shops and pick your flowers from a wonderful selection always elegantly displayed and freshly brought in on a daily basis from our carefully chosen growers. If you are sending flowers to the Strand area of London you can rely on the fact that we have our own flower delivery team who are well versed in delivering flowers to Strand and its surrounding areas.

We have many corporate clients there and can also send anniversary, birthday, get well soon and sympathy flowers to any address in Strand as well. Strand is only three-quarters of a mile long and stretches from Temple Bar and Fleet Street to Trafalgar Square. Being a major thoroughfare it is notoriously difficult to stop at and a good know how of how to deliver flowers in this area is absolutely essential, which is why we believe it more important than ever to order from a London florist that’s based in and around the Strand area. Moyses Stevens has long stood as an example of quality and fair value and our customers will know that when sending flowers to Strand that they will always receive quality flowers that are always fresh, always luxurious. The range of flowers in our London florist shops is simply incredible and we always stock up with a view of delivering the best flowers to our customers. This will ensure that any flower delivery to Strand will be highly optimised and designed by some of the best London florist designers around. All our florists are highly trained and skilful in all areas of floristry. The bouquets and flowers that you send to Strand will always be hand designed and our bouquets are always hand tied too.