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Flower Delivery in Hampstead

At Moyses Stevens we are especially proud of our Hampstead florist shop near London’s NW3 area. The shop that also doubles up as a garden centre is especially equipped to deal with the population of Hampstead and you can even say it was tailor made for it. Our florists understand and were specifically trained for the needs of Hampstead and we have even created a flower menu that makes sure of this. Our business to business ratio of our customers is smaller in this area of London than any other and we serve at least twice as many private customers where we decorate their houses than we do with business buildings.

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We also serve a much higher ratio of private gardens than any other landscaping projects in Hampstead, London NW3. Our Hampstead flower school is something we are especially proud of and is an initiative that is mainly built by Moyses Stevens to make better our understanding of Hampstead residents and to create a community bond that will last for a very long time indeed. In our Hampstead florist school we aim to educate people about the right way to use flowers and have some fun as well. It is very rare, and we have not seen it so far, that a lesson passes by that is not full of wonderful smiles and enjoyment that only flowers can bring. Please call our Hampstead florist on information on any of the above and we do hope that you will make a point of visiting as well.