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flowers by moyses stevens

Flower Delivery in WC2

Flower delivery in Covent Garden and WC2 postcode using Moyses Stevens send flowers Covent Garden service. Our luxury bouquets are designed to impress with long lasting flowers. Order luxury bouquets to be delivered, seven days a week in Covent Garden and WC2 postcode. All bouquets are made to order using fresh flowers at all times. If you wish to customize your order please call us on 0208 772 0094.

Moyses Stevens is very proud of this reputation and the fact that a lot of our customers in Covent Garden actively choose to send British flowers from British growers. Moyses Stevens is also happy to be serving many restaurants in the area and our vans constantly pass throughout the area on the daily basis, making deliveries ever so simple. We deliver flowers seven days a week and do so on Sundays and public holidays too. We realise that one’s birthday, anniversary or any type of a major calendar event can fall on a Sunday and believe that on days of national importance it may be even more important to send flowers to one another. Moyses Stevens is committed to bringing quality bouquets and flower arrangements with an original British twist to your home. We are always confident that our flowers will not only make you smile, but will last and make up for the ultimate gift one can receive. If you have ever received a bouquet from Moyses Stevens please do not hesitate to call us and share your views of it. As a matter of interest, did you know that Moyses Stevens was the original florist who invented the hand tied flower bouquet?