An ode to the treasures of autumn

An ode to the treasures of autumn

31st Oct 2023

If summer is all about bright, frothy blooms then autumn champions rich, textural stems. While we’re celebrating the flowers that are coming into season, we’re also completely enchanted by foliage, fruit and vine varieties that have transitioned from what was once a verdant, flower-laden bough to something altogether more beguiling - whether it be jewel-like berries or other-worldly seed-pods. They’re more than fillers - these specimens are stand-out seasonal heroes.

Blossom is a tough act to follow but crabapples hold their own. These small, blushing fruits tightly pack branches - and combined with tree foliage make for the perfect tribute to the great autumnal outdoors. When it comes to replicating the majesty of a November’s arboretum, preserved Copper Beech is unbeatable for emanating that golden glow.

It’s not just shades of cinnamon and ochre that are available - in the world of berries, there’s an array of colours offering up a completely different palette. The purple pigment of callicarpa almost looks too vivid to be true and bubblegum pink snowberries bring a welcome lightness to arrangements.

When it comes to showstoppers - seedpods provide so much interest, each one more captivating than the next. From the best-loved tangerine lanterns of physalis to spikey, scarlet ricinus - their sculptural silhouettes add a contemporary flair to traditional design.

As autumn continues to weave its beautiful tapestry, embrace the treasures of the season, whether you gather an armful of rosehips from the garden - or select something a little more offbeat from your florist.