​Enchanting Winter Nights for Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

​Enchanting Winter Nights for Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

30th Nov 2023

Moyses Stevens is thrilled to unveil the captivating holiday installation for the iconic Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. The transformation has taken place inside and out as the majestic hotel facade has been illuminated with cascades of fairy lights. The breathtaking beauty continues inside as guests are met with a shimmering winter wonderland - all created by our talented Contracts team while the city slept!

The heart of our installation is centred around the lobby’s magnificent fireplace, featuring a forest of snow-covered Christmas trees laden with twinkling fairy lights. Each tree is aglow and reminiscent of a starlit sky on a crisp winter evening.

Every corner of the spectacular lobby is meticulously adorned - accentuating the timeless elegance of the hotel. Glittering asparagus ferns and the soft flicker of candlelight add a touch of sophistication, creating a magical ambience that transports guests from the bubbling hubbub of the city and into a festive realm! 

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