​Flowers We Love - Chrysanthemums

​Flowers We Love - Chrysanthemums

19th Oct 2023

Chrysanthemums, or more affectionately known as 'mums,' have long been unsung heroes of the floral world. The trusty stems almost pick up where other blousy high summer flowers left-off, their spectrum of rich hues making them the perfect companion to autumn's plethora of vines, berries and foliage. These resilient blooms have graced floral arrangements for centuries, yet their popularity has wavered a little over the years (as so often happens with flowers). We've always been a fan, and they're making a triumphant comeback for autumn and winter.

Chrysanthemums come in an astonishing array of sizes and colours, among the most stunning varieties are those with blooms the size of dinner plates - these oversized beauties can measure up to 12 inches (30 cm) across. Just some of our favourites include 'Allouise Pink' - a petal ball that unfurls into another flower altogether. There's almost a performance in the fabulous poses these puff balls create! The dainty specimens hold their own too - flourishes of button-sized chrysanths make the perfect punctuation within an autumnal gathering - and the Pom Pom species rivals its dahlia counterpart. The burgundy and sunny yellow daisy-like chrysanthemums that have been more prevalent are now sharing the spotlight with sophisticated shades of toffee, soft lilac and coral.

Chrysanthemums aren't just adored for being showstoppers - they're incredibly versatile, offering a long vase life (music to florist's ears!) This means they'll prove particularly popular in contracts displays - which requires stems to stay looking healthy for up to a week.

Will you be embracing the beauty of the chrysanthemum this season?