Flowers We Love - Euphorbia

Flowers We Love - Euphorbia

9th Nov 2023

All too often our heads are turned by dramatic specimens from blousy blooms to textural foliage, but the autumn arrival of a diminutive flower that looks like it firmly belongs to spring always captures our full attention. The petite euphorbia’s arrival always causes a flurry of excitement in floral workshops and during its fleeting seasons is a firm florist-favourite.

Despite the bijoux flower heads, they create impact by ladening tall, willowy stems - making them ideal for statuesque designs. Just recently our contracts team wove plumes of euphorbia amongst hydrangea for a statement installation at Nobu Portman Square. It’s not just the sweet blossom that we love - the palm-like foliage creates a lush, verdant canopy - a welcome scene as autumn’s leaves start to give way to bare branches.

The euphorbia colour palette is so exquisite that any one of them could be a contender for Pantone Colour of the Year 2024. A versatile assortment of peach, coral and scarlet means they can effortlessly combine with pretty pastels or deeply dramatic designs - with the foliage altering from shade to shade too.

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