​Our Favourite Winter Flowers

​Our Favourite Winter Flowers

Posted by Emily Tallis on 21st Dec 2023

The winter solstice is in sight, and with this, we usher in a new season and the close of 2023. It’s perhaps not always the most hotly anticipated quarter of the year - our once verdant landscapes have given way to contorted boughs and dormant flower beds. While the short days, long nights, and inclement weather might encourage hibernation - awakening in the flower world is a trove of varieties. If spring offers cheerful buds, summer - blousy blooms, and autumn, burnished jewels then winter gifts ornate specimens.


Their sturdy yet slender stems and protective head of feathery leaves give little away of the unique beauty that’s about to unfurl. This process is just as enchanting as the flower itself - but once in bloom, the anemone is a true marvel. It’s hard to believe that it’s not a porcelain ornament, such are the purposeful undulations of the petals. The most recognisable iterations come in vivid shades of crimson and indigo - coveted too are the gently blushing petals - all giving way to a midnight-sky centre. We’re particularly entranced by the double-petal Fullstar - a wonderfully fluffy version of this beloved winter bloom.


A hellebore (also known as the winter rose) is the very opposite of summer’s large hero blooms, not least because of its diminutive size. These delicate, modest dwellers hold an ethereal quality that sends ripples through the flower world on their return. Don’t expect candy colours, a hellebores' palette wonderfully embodies the season it finds itself in - sage green, snow white, and deep plum make up the core spectrum. Their captivating beauty ensures starring roles in winter bridal bouquets - perfectly complementing seasonal berries and foliage for a wild and whimsical garden gathering.


There is nothing fragile about the robust ranunculus - yes, some are the size of a button, but even these adorable stems are spotlight stealers. Coveted for being the ‘mille-feuille’ of flowers, their endless layers of petals make them a rival for the peony in the pom pom stakes. Not only do their sizes vary, but the spectrum of rainbow hues makes them a versatile florist’s favourite.


This icon doubles as a winter and spring winner, some appearing as early as November. Once a humble stem, the tulip has deservedly gained super-floral status thanks to a wealth of new mesmerising varieties. The elegant Parrot contorts its petals to resemble a splay of feathers while the spider-like Acuminata is an otherworldly incarnation of an almost unrecognisable version. Adored for their unruly stems - a tulip keeps growing once cut - adding an ever-evolving element to vases and arrangements.

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