The Art of the Christmas Tree

The Art of the Christmas Tree

Posted by Duncan McCabe on 31st Dec 2021

The traditional Christmas tree has been around for hundreds of years. At Moyses Stevens we have been dressing them for over 150 years, so we know a thing or two about the art of dressing The Christmas Tree, and this year feels like our twinkliest year to date with a record number of trees dressed in many of Londons most lovelies Locations. As Christmas approached, our contracts and events team combined with guest appearances from our shipping workshop and stores to create a super-team of hard-core Chrimbo decorators who tirelessly toil, adding sparkle as they go!

You sort of remember dressing your first Christmas tree and the last - everything else seems to be a blur of baubles and haze of twinkly lights. We estimate to have dressed over 300 Christmas trees this year with thousands of Christmas tights and ornaments of all different sizes from a 6ft focal tree to a gargantuan 28 ft specimen positioned pride of place at Kings Cross station. We have a small section of the designs we created for 2021

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